Review Guidelines

Review Guidelines

We have finally sat down and discussed a slightly more firm set of guidelines for reviewing books.

We are a blog that is looking to read and review books from new and debut authors. What we mean by this is as follows:

1) You have released your debut novel in or around the last year. 

2) You may have released it longer than a year ago, but you are struggling with receiving reviews, and promotion. 

We are completely aware of the grey lines that this guideline creates, please e-mail us if you are unsure, and we can look at each case as needed.

You can fill out our review request form here.

What we offer:

1) We will not contact you for a copy of your book until we are ready to review and can give you a timeline at that point. With that said- we accept arcs in the forms of epub, mobi, pdf, or gifted copies on Amazon.

2) We will post our reviews on our blog, Amazon and Goodreads. If you would like it posted anywhere else, please let us know, and we can arrange for that.

3) You will receive an honest, spoiler-free review, with links for you to share wherever you would like. If you feel the review is less than stellar, or you would like some feedback, PLEASE e-mail us back. We are more than happy to discuss our reviews with you on an individual basis.

What we expect:

1) Friendly, courteous manner

2) An understanding that we have lives outside of blogging.

3) An understanding that we do this to help new and unknown authors, but we are still a little unknown ourselves!

4) Feedback! If you are unhappy with something we have provided, please let us know in a professional manner. Or, if you were incredibly happy with what we've provided... LET US KNOW! We all love a good pat on the back.

We hope that these guidelines will help ease most situations. And once again, please e-mail us if you are unsure of whether you fit within our review criteria.

Thank you!
Keri and Caitlin


  1. This is very clear and helpful. It's encouraging to see people actively helping indie authors.

  2. I'd very much like a review for Skeleton Run, published in April, 2015 by Red Adept Publishing. But this is not a debut novel. My first book was published five years ago. I'm no longer a rookie, but I'd still consider myself "unestablished." I'm hoping this message is an e-mail, since I couldn't find your address. Mine is If I've made the initial cut, let me know. Thanks!