Saturday, 31 January 2015

Broken Love & Forever Bound by Layla Stevens


This book had me spinning in a few different directions during my read-through. It is graphic and very intense. It is not a light and easy read by any means whatsoever.

Kayla's life was not pretty and easy. Appearances of a family unit are often never as they seem. This is proven time and time again in this book. Edwin and Elijah are two dreadful relatives of Kayla's whose mission in life seems to be to torture their sister. Kayla was driven from her home, her hometown and away from the few people that kept her stable. When life brings her back to her hometown, she's left paranoid and unsure of what's real, what's going to happen, and what she can trust.

This story has so much potential. The warning for 18+ is a definite must. There was a lot of very graphic scenes- almost too many. I understand wanting to show the then & now process, but it was a lot. My only other issue with this story was the flow. It felt choppy, bounced back and forth, and was hard to keep up with. POVs, conversations and thoughts all seemed to run together in some situations and took away from what I thought could have been presented differently to create better flow.


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dreamweavers by C.C. Ravanera


This was one of the most interesting and dynamic fantasy/paranormal stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. A world of dreamweavers, the part they play in our human lives, and what they have to go through to be able to do their jobs.

Our main character Anima is one of the most well thought out characters, with an absolute knowledge of what she is to do in her life, to being tasked with an honour she quickly becomes unsure of, with even more self-doubt arising at every turn. We watch Anima fight for her Realm, for her fellow dreamweavers, and for herself.

This book is a must read for anyone that loves reading of other worlds interwoven with our own.


(ARC provided in exchange for a honest review.)

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Chasing Midnight by Shyloh & Alex Morgan

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           Rating: 4.5 STARS

Mhisery Bellemy left her small narrow minded hometown of Midnight, Georgia when she was 18 years old and headed for the city. Quinn Mason, came home from college to Midnight to care for his siblings when their parents died and said he would never leave. Years later Mhisery is forced to return home to help her siblings with their once great father; turned widowed alcoholic. Harboring some fierce resentment for her father Mhisery does her best to help out at the family business and with her father all the while trying to keep her business back in New York up and running. Things start to change for Mhisery when she starts to spend time with Quinn Mason the star of her high school fantasies...

Both Mhisery and Quinn have a lot to deal with in their personal lives but find they're falling for each other quickly. Only Mhisery swears she can't stay, and Quinn swears she won't go and neither make it easy for the other.

The cast of characters in this novel were superb. I enjoyed everyone of them. It kept me interested with a mix of romance and danger, and curiosity as I waited to find out what would become of the characters I found myself invested in. One warning for this one before you dive in though... bring a fan because this was a very steamy read. Can't wait to follow along and see what happens next in Midnight, Georgia.


(Copy provided in exchange for honest review.)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

High Wire by Angela Biera

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High wire is the continuation of Haywire, picking up where it left off. It starts off intense and scary, and if you've read Haywire, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. An intense situation that's resolved, but leaving us with heartache, too. 

Through this book, we watch Sophie and Liam add definition to their relationship, Liam finish college and move onto a pro-ball career. This book centres around these events, mainly. Sophie needing to come to terms with her past, her fears, and what will be best for their relationship. All the while, Sophie tries to become more independent, making decisions to move forward after trauma, and finds new strength in her friendships, and family. 

This book offers a great ending to Haywire, I was quite pleased with both parts. This can't be read as a standalone, so make sure you've read Haywire, and pick this one up to read right after! Don't leave yourself hanging. ;)


*** You can find the review for the first book "Haywire" here.

Reading Challenge Week 3

Week Three
Read a Book With Nonhuman Characters

Rowan's End by L.D. Ricard

In the beginning of this story, I truly wondered what I had started. With weird characters and items showing up at opportune moments, it makes one wonder what can actually be happening in our world today.

This story concentrates on Laine and Lexy, a mother-daughter duo surviving the death of Lexy's father; Laine's husband. Strange events bring them to an old family home, where history unfolds, mysterious events are solved, relationships are formed, and a battle between good and evil ensues.

LD Ricard has written a great book from a refreshing point of view, with a different take on magic, ghosts and witchery. I can't wait to read what happens next


Cry of the Sea by D.G. Driver
Amazon US

In the story we meet Juniper Sawfeather, daughter of super activist parents who want her to be everything they are even though it's the last thing she wants. I really like Juniper's character from the beginning. She shows strength and bravery and it thrilled me to see.

Juniper is a regular senior high school girl, who can't wait to leave the small confines of her school and home to become an incredible marine biologist.
When her mother calls to tell her father about an oil tanker unsafely traveling through the ocean possibly endangering all the sea life Juniper and her father rush to their nearby beach with hopes to help any animals injured and get proof of the oil companies nefarious dealings. That's when they discovered mermaids... yes that's right 3 of those beautiful mythical creatures wash up on shore covered in oil. After rushing the only surviving mermaid to the nearest aquarium she meets Carter and Dr. Schneider who are quick to help. Only the mermaids are stolen from the aquarium and we follow along on the wonderfully intriguing adventure as Juniper, along with Carter, and the group of popular kids from school as they try to figure out just who has the mermaid and what is actually going on.

D.G Driver created a wonderful story filled with magical creatures and strong well thought out characters. I recommend this book to everyone especially younger readers looking for a good easy read.


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Friday, 23 January 2015

Aconite by Christine Alvarez

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Lupo, witches and reincarnation. A very interesting combination, delivered in a manner that was fresh and inviting. Christine has brought forth a book that kept me hooked from the first page.

Alexis finds her way to the small town of Reedsport. A run-in with Sebastian means a job opportunity loss, but she's quick to recover and begins working at the local cafe, where we meet Jonathon and Jo. Life is unsettled, and feels very odd to Alexis, with so many questions, and nobody being quick to answer, Alexis begins learning of a whole new way of life; reincarnate.

Everything in this book was simply amazing. Spanning from anguish to steamy, I just could not wait to find out what would happen next. I was basically gutted when my tablet decided to balk at 45% in! If you're not a fan of a good cliffhanger though, I highly suggest waiting until she's completed this series. She leaves you with a doozy!


(ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Reading Challenge Week 2

Week Two
Read a Book Based Solely on it's Cover

A Life Unplanned by Patty Seitz

This book left me with a lot to think about in terms of how I felt. A story based on her mother's life, from the daughter's perspective.

It takes some guts to write your first novel on something as close and personal to you as your mother. You see a strong family bond, unending loyalty, and unwavering strength. Qualities that are quick to hide at the smallest infraction in today's society. Kate was a strong woman that worked through every scenario thrown at her, that would bring anyone else to their knees.

If you are wanting a story to connect with, that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you feel right to the core, then pick this one up. 


Colour My Ugly by A. Giannoccaro


This story was very intense from beginning to end. Right from the get go I knew this wasn't going to be an easy read. There ended up being a few times where I had to put the book down for a few minutes because I couldn't seem to wrap my head around this woman's struggles. 

Our heroine Ellia AKA Lauri has been stuck in a very abusive relationship with a sick sadistic man out for revenge against her murder for hire father for 8 years. When he gets the notion to kill her so he can receive her money he goes to a murder for hire of his own, named Rowan. Not knowing that his murder for hire had sworn to protect the very wife he wanted to kill. Obviously feeling like he failed both Mick and Lauri he swears he's going to set it right and does so by kidnapping her instead of murdering her. Lauri and Rowan begin to realize that they mean more to each other than they ever thought possible, but Rowan's a bad guy. Something that scares Lauri and thrills her at the same time. 

We watch these two struggle to find balance in a world where lies, secrets and murder are common place. We also watch them grow individually and together in ways I never saw coming. If you are into dark, gritty and emotionally intense romance go pick up a copy of Colour My Ugly today.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Velicious by Shelique Lize

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In this story we start off meeting our main girl Justice Morel while she is in a therapy session for a suicide attempt she swears she never intended to make. No one believes her though, because honestly why would they believe when she says someone entered her mind and made her do it? Then Justice's sister decides to take her to see a psychic for her 21st birthday and there, she learns that she will meet a man with piercing blue eyes and her life will never be the same again. While still struggling to believe the psychic, she meets this man in Dante and is thrown into a world she never knew existed and would almost rather she didn't. It turns out when it comes to Vampyres, Vampyre Dolls and some creepy body snatching creatures, a psychic was the least of her worries.

I feel like it took a while for this story to really get started. I felt maybe there was too much back story at the beginning without a real purpose when it came to the story. I almost hit the half way point before I really started to get into it. Once the story really began I found it easier to follow along with the things I was reading but I still remained a little confused in places. The characters however were pretty great. Dante was a sarcastic jerk who kinda wormed his way into my heart, if only he had one ;). I feel like this story has the potential to be really great and it left me with a cliffhanger and enough interest that I will be reading the next one to see where it goes.


(ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.)

Between Tristan and Hannah by Alora Kate

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From friends to lovers, is not an easy transition. In this portion of the Seasons series, we follow Tristan and Hannah's POVs in their burgeoning relationships with Summer and Fall.

Tristan is going through deciding if he wants Summer to learn more about his past, and decides that it is a must. Hannah feels that Fall needs to face some of his past to be able to go back to carefree and loving, like he was in his younger teen years. All of this ends up bringing them back to Candy Rock where they grew up and began their friendships. It's sweet to see so much family and love come together in this part.

This was an easy story to read, it's short, and fun, with just the right touch of life getting in the way. I highly recommend this book, especially if you've read "From Summer and Fall." It's a great new adult storytelling, and I can't wait to see what happens next.


(ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.)

*** You can find the review for the first book in this series "From Summer and Fall" here.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Reading Challenge Week 1


Read a Mystery or Thriller book

Kelly Hill by Laura Gibson
Amazon US

Wow I don't even know what to say for this one because I honestly just want to tell you EVERYTHING!!!

The book goes back and forth between the past and the present as we are slowly immersed in Phillips academy and the life of Rachel. A girl who struggles with a dysfunctional family who never felt home anywhere other than at Phillips. Then bad things start happening, and Rachel doesn't know what to do. When secrets force her to leave Phillips academy and those she knows behind she vows to keep them so no one gets hurt. Then Kelly Hill walks back into her life, someone she thought she would never see again. Now let me tell you about Kelly Hill... I fell in love with his character at first grin. Kelly Hill is keeping secrets too, secrets not even Rachel knows. When Rachel and Kelly's secrets threaten to unravel at the discovery of a dead body on Phillips grounds Rachel must return to Phillips and do something she feels she should have done before.

Now this does leave you with a cliff hanger that honestly killed me. Definitely left me anxiously waiting for the next release!


The Truth About Love by Sheila Athens
Amazon US

Polar opposite in career decisions, but uniquely similar reasons for following those paths... What more could be said for creating a dynamic and interesting read? Nothing, really. Sheila Athens has given us a story that is well written, has fantastic plot and character development and leaves us hooked. 

Gina Blanchard is in town for the summer for an internship. She meets Landon Vista by chance at a volleyball game, when they're teams are playing against each other.They felt a connection, and attempt to act on it, while discovering small pieces of their personal lives that conflict with their career choices, but bring them together in the most interesting way. Gina has her secrets and reasons, while Landon's past is all out in the open, which gives him reason enough to want to stand back, and take a second look at the bigger picture.

I don't think I can say much more without giving the whole story away. It's fantastically written, I highly recommend this book to any reader. It's not all out romance, it's not all out mystery and intrigue. It's just a great book. Go get it and read it, now! 


*** Read as part of our reading challenge, not officially blog-related

Friday, 9 January 2015

Catch Me by Terra Kelly


This is the story of Isabel Sloane and Drew Winters. Isabel has just moved for a temporary position to North Carolina from Philly after ending a relationship with a sleazy co-worker. After struggling with her feelings about her plus size body for most her life, feeling comfortable in her own skin but a little unsure about others. Isabel is unsure whether or not to believe it when the hunky firefighter Drew tells her she's gorgeous. She begins a relationship with him and falls hard, leaving her with questions can someone as gorgeous as him really love me? What happens when my time here is over? Will we really be able to have a future?

This story gets a 3.5 almost a 4 from me. I love the storyline and I love Drew and Isabel, they were honestly, just a little too much for me. They have a very romantic relationship I just felt like maybe they came off as a little too strong, too soon and while some people love this it's just not really for me. So if you want a super sweet easy read I recommend this to you and tell you to ignore my rating and give it a shot I am confident many readers can connect with them in a way I didn't.


(ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Damaged Perfection by Nicki Rae


This is the story of Piper and poor, tortured Fenton.

Piper is a determined young lady who is on a mission to prove she can become a first class architect without the influence of her architect father. So she moves away for school and is lucky to interview with James Construction. Enter Fenton our tortured hero who relies on drugs, alcohol and women to help him forget a past that won't leave him alone. We follow along in their turmoil filled relationship always on what seems to be the edge of finding out the mystery of what lies behind Fenton's torturous past and behaviours.

Then, BAM Nicki leaves us with a mind blowing cliff hanger that made me want to scream out loud. I encourage anyone who likes a  little mystery in their romance to check this one out.


(ARC provided in exchange for honest review.)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Holding On and Letting Go by Scarlett E. Decker


An aptly named story, taking us on a journey of self improvement with Skye Alexander and Noah Ackers.

Skye and Noah meet in a rather innocuous way, such as college students tend to do. Neither of them remembering, for their own particular reasons. They meet again by chance, 4-5 months later, with Skye showing her true colours, and Noah feeling a pull to her that he can't quite put his finger on. Skye? Well, she just wants to keep her distance, to keep herself safe from anymore ache.

It's a sweet "new adult" story, that I enjoyed. We see a lot of self discovery in this story, as well as the tell-tale insecure feelings of the new adult theme. I did however, find that some parts felt choppy, making it hard to follow along through the whole storyline. It was easy to love Noah, and empathise with Skye, as well as enjoy all the secondary players that come about. I'd recommend this story to another NA reader, for sure.


(ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.)

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